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About Me

I'm Laura Lane.

I never saw myself writing a personal blog, even though I'm a writer by trade. For almost two decades, my career has been in professional copywriting and editing for the marketing, development and public relations efforts of a variety of organizations. That's where I'm comfortable — telling other people's stories. But to write my own story? That's a WHOLE different thing. And a whole lot scarier. 

But when God teaches me something, frees me from something, or proves to me yet again how faithful He is, I'm learning that those things are worth sharing for the encouragement of others, whether I'm comfortable or not. "Let those delivered by the Lord speak out, those whom He delivered from the power of the enemy," says Psalm 107:2 (NET). Not for my glory, but His. Not to show that I've done anything worthy of praise, but that HE has and HE STILL DOES. That's my goal.

There are so many voices out there right now. A lot of attractive voices. A lot of deceptive voices. A lot of voices that are easy to believe. But not a lot of TRUTH. I feel compelled to make the truth of the Bible louder, in my own small way, through the evidence of my own experiences. I certainly needed to hear it from somebody, and maybe you do too.

My husband, Brad, and I have been married since 2004. We are blessed with two daughters who are beautiful inside and out, and our family is part of a growing church in Williamsburg, Virginia. We aren't the perfect family or perfect people, which I'm sure you'll soon realize. Far from it, actually. We struggle. We fail. We can't make it on our own — believe me, we've tried! Our only hope is in Jesus Christ.

Thanks for stopping by to read the true story of how God can build beauty out of our ruins, making us into a place where His Spirit can dwell. Once we have that, we have everything we need.

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